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Friday, April 30, 2010

50 knots

I've been at Vargas this afternoon, someone had an anemometer, and looks like gusts were over 50 knots.
Similar conditions expected for tomorrow, maybe a little bit lighter during the morning (today the lightest was at lunchtime, with the full tide), but getting stronger again in the afternoon.

Nuclear winds

We are having really strong winds right now in Pozo Izquierdo, 3,7-3,4 and the swell is picking up, it could be spectacular this afternoon and looks soo good for all the weekend.

Tortugas Tour


Saturday, 24th April saw the Tortugas Tour at La Cicer, (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria), Daniell Alcock sends me the pictures and some writing explaining the experience:

The competition, organised by University Surf School, is an initiative to get children enjoying no-pressure fun contests and honing their skills against other children of their ages and abilities.

With Surf Canaries Surf team traveling from Arguineguin for their first ever contest, the atmosphere in the van was electric!

The event went fantastically and something that all the children will remember for their whole lives. The atmosphere was that of fun and sportsmanship and the children from the south west of the island got to know their counterparts from the north east side - maybe people that they will be travelling with and competing against over their entire surf careers.

We had to have winners, but the results are forgotten straight away and tomorrow we will return to surf and those results wont count anymore, it is time to think about the next contest.

Many thanks to the organisers and well done to all the children for their efforts in and out of the water.

Strong wind & fun


The wind yesterday evening at Pozo Izquierdo was really strong, one of those days for some people is more hard than fun, but Stefanie (the one in colourful trunks) pleasantly surprised me, she was struggling last summer the days with strong wind, but yesterday she was all smiles, joking with Alessio on the shore and having a lot of fun.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Alessio & the birds

Really strong winds this afternoon at Pozo Izquierdo, even the birds were flying low to avoid the strongest gusts.
Down here you can see with more detail Alessio Stillrich windsufing with the birds.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Warm wind

Light and hot wind this afternoon in Pozo Izquierdo.
Wind is light and there's no waves at all, so I wasn't thinking on going windsurfing today, but is so warm that a windsurfing session in trunks doesn't look that bad, even if it's with big sail (5,4) and a freeride board.

Third round live from Imbituba

Right now on the water the third round of the Billabong Pro Santa Catarina, at Imbituba beach, Brazil.
To wathc the live webcast click AQUÍ.

Landscape altered

Landscape Altered - Episode 2 from Kustom Airstrike on Vimeo.

There was a time when watching surfing videos motivated me to go to the water immediately, but with this new generation of surfers, this is starting to look more like science fiction movies instead of surfing videos, even tough, it still motivates me to go surfing.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Billabong XXL

Billabong XXL Awards 2010 Webclip from on Vimeo.

The wind in Pozo Izquierdo

Yesterday, we had pretty good windsurfing conditions early morning, but got worse during the day (the picture is from the early morning session yesterday); today, the day started with no wind in Pozo Izquierdo, but now we have some nice trade winds, people are using 4,7-4,2 and could be stronger in the afternoon.

Monday, April 26, 2010


Next Friday starts the PWA World Tour, the first event will be at Podersdorf, Austria, a male freestyle event.
For more information PWA.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Last day for the Beachley Classic

Just started the last day of competition of the Commonwealth Bank Beachley Classic, a champion will be crowned today.
To watch it live click HERE.

Happy birthday Victor!

I remember when I first met Victor Fernandez, he was 13 and I think was his first visit to Pozo Izquierdo, when I saw him sailing for the first time, he went straight to the fist wave of the shorebreak and did a perfect backloop, he landed another backloop on the next wave, and finally, he rotated another backloop on the third wave, but missed the landing; today he turns 26, and doesn't surprise me at all if he lands three backloops in three consecutive waves.


Strong wind right now in Pozo Izquierdo, most of the guys are using 4,2 light ones are on 3,7.

Second round in Brazil live now

Sometimes, second round at a surfing competition is not that interesting, not today at the Billabong Pro Santa Catarina, with plenty of the top seeds loosing yesterday, so relegated to the second round; now Taj Burrow is in the first heat of the day, Mick Fanning comes next and then Kelly Salater will be in the third heat of the day.
To watch it live click HERE.

Windsurfing Sunday

Good windsurfing conditions today at Pozo Izquierdo, wind for 4,7-4,2 and now with the high tide (12:05) waves are too small, but it's supposed to get better with the tide going down.
Low tide at 18:15.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

A little bit of history

Trade winds are back

The wind was really light this morning, but got better and better during the day, right now we have nice windsurfing conditions in Pozo Izquierdo (5,3-4,7) and the forecast looks good for the next few days.

Live surfing from Brazil

RIght now (12:28 GMT) is about to finis the trials final, which will give a local surfer the last spot to compete in the mail event, starting just after the tirals final.

New FCS models

The new models from FCS already in Pozo Izquierdo, among them, the K3 (the new model from Kelly Slater) and The Goods, a fin for all conditions designed by the Hobgood brothers.

New surfboards

Matt Biolos has been at the Pukas factory recently and we just recieved some amazing boards shaped by him, two Sarks and two Speed Demon II, there's also a Peter Daniels T1.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Jack Johnson - You and your heart

Jack Johnson's new video, 100 % surfing.

Tday starts the Billabong Pro at Brazil

Today starts de waiting period for the Billabong Pro Santa Catarina.
To go to the competition site, click on the banner.
The time difference between Greenwich and Santa Catarina is -4h.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Tomorrow in theaters.

Kelly Slater at Shipstern's

Kelly Slater Tackles Shipstern Bluff from Australia's Surfing Life on Vimeo.

Windsurfing 2011

Everywhere in the world is 2010, except for a small beach in the North Shore of Maui, right now at Hookipa is photoshoot time, that means you can see on the beach on a daily basis all the 2011 windsurfing equipment, all the brands are preparing their brochures for next year, and most of them choose Hookipa for the photoshoot of the wave equipment.
If you want to know what happens from the hill at Hookipa, Gianpaolo Cammarota is the boss, you can see everything in his blog Maui Surf Report, if you are a windsurfing addict, you can’t miss it.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Castles in the Sky

CASTLES IN THE SKY from Sipping Jetstreams on Vimeo.

Finally finished, after 3 years filming around the globe, the long awaited second part of Sipping Jetstreams is out.

Starts the Commonwealth Bank Beachley Classic

Last night started at Sydney the Commonwealth Bank Beachley Classic, fourth stop for the girls on the WCT.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Light wind waterstart

A few days ago, I went sailing with light wind, I had a 5,7m sail and a 115 litres board, so I was not worried, I had volume enough to come back to the beach in case the wind became too light, the problem was that here in Pozo Izquierdo we are not used to windsurf in light winds, so most of us don't use have uphaul, we don't even have one, so when the wind nearly died and I fell, I knew the technique to do the waterstart with no wind, I remembered the picture I took to Robby Naish a few years ago at Hookpa, but for me, that position is simply impossible.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Evening session at Las Salinas


The wind dropped and became too gusty at the evening, but the waves, despite not being big, were absolutely perfect, Friday evening at Las Salinas, was one of those amazing windsurfing sessions that you remember for soooo long.

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