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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Gran Canaria - Holland, by bicycle

This afternoon, Adrian, left Pozo Izquierdo with all his windsurfing equipment on a small trailer behind his bicycle. He is taking the boat tomorrow in Las Palmas to the South of Portugal, and then, pedalling to Holland, repeating the journey he did a few years ago, but in reverse.
From here we wish him a good travel.


Victoria said...

I think he is mad! But then what would the world be without the madmen!? Me, I'm staying here on Gran Canary where it is *warm*!

Peter said...


The four dimensions crew wishes him all the best!

Anonymous said...

You're always welcome in Holland. Give us a call when you're here.

Prettige reis!
(have a nice trip!)

Roos, Kaya en Jochem

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm David Neira from Galicia. I remember seen him someyears ago going south when I was travelling around Lugo by car. I couldn't believe my eyes!!!

Good luck on your retourning journey!
Maybe you should wait till this frozen winter pass...

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