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Friday, July 15, 2011

Beach webcam finally online


After a few months, we have been able to finally solve the technical issues we had with our webcam located on the beach. We still have to improve the fluidity of the video, but for now at least you can see the conditions on the beach when the sun is blocking our shop webcam.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Darío secures third place


Darío also finished tired but happy was local rider Darío Ojeda, who came back during the double elimination winning over Kauli, Brawzinho and Campello, taking over third position. This is the best result "I have obtained in my life", said Ojeda happy who also placed 4th in the Spanish event which took place only a few days earlier, also in Pozo.

NOTE: During the following days we will be publishing a number of videos we are editing with all the footage we recorded during the event.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Philip's triple forward

¡Next year for shore he will be succesful!

The Moreno twins win again


Year after year the twins are the best in Pozo waves. Daida has got the first position and Iballa´s got the second, followed by Karin Jaggi. 

Köster wins the Gran Canaria PWA Gran Prix


200" screen to view the competition


Come over to our Beach Restaurante El Viento and view the competition live on our 200" screen.

Will Philip try the triple?

That is what everybody is wondering here in Pozo. We saw him tryng this jump some days before the competition. I asked him yesterday about this question and he says: “I do not want more pressure. I first will do the rest of jumps and afterwards, if it is necessary, I will try it on the final”. We do not want to put any pressure to Köster, but we would be very delight if someone tried to do the triple. By the moment, no one has ever done this jump with success. Campello tried last year, but did not get it. Will the young of Vargas?

In the following video, Campello attempting triple forward:

The competition starts again

We are in heat nº49, Dario vs Campello, the winner will meet the current world champion, Víctor Fernández. 

Latest video: Darío vs Kauli

Competition postposted

Due to the lack of waves the last heats has been postposted. It will be low tide at the "Big Final" could be this afternoon. We will keep you informed!

11:25 Campello vs Ojeda

Dario Ojeda has won Kauli Seadi and is now fighting against Ricardo Campello. In a few minutes we will have the "Big Final". In women´s section, Jaggi has advanced and will meet Iballa Ruano in the next heat. 

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Next appointment tomorrow at 9:30

That was all for today. Tomorrow the end of the competition. ¡These are the results!

E-42: “I could not do my best in the final because of a muscle cramp”


To say the truth Victor did better on the semifinal than on the final. He confessed after the competition that he was suffering of a muscle cramp in the final: “I had a lot of painful on my leg and I could not control the board”, however he also recognized that Köster did “two excellent jumps” in only 50 seconds. We all expect the big final today that will probably meet again both riders. Good luck!

17:50 The competition goes on


At 17:00 new heats have started. Now: Eleazar Alonso vs Mussolini and Kauli vs Marco Pérez in heat's 44. On the other hand, Bruch and Stone has advanced through next heat.3

14:20: Girls on the waves!

It’s 14:15. Female competition has already started. This morning we had the first male heats of the double elimination. From 16:00 we will have the rest of the man competition and the big final. These are the current schedules.  

Best images of Victor Fernandez in the single final

The spanish E-42 surfed really well, but his double forwards were not perfect. Watch his performance!

A different way to view the world cup


Come on over to El Viento Beach Restaurant's terrace and enjoy de competition having a drink.

3,7 - Incredible conditions for today's event

As predicted, the wind is blowing hard and we will have incredible conditions for today's event. Come over and don't miss out. You can always protect yourself from the wind and view it from El Viento's  restaurant terrace.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Köster wins the single elimination with incredible jumps

The current wave world champion and four times winner of the event in Pozo Izquierdo, Victor Fernandez, surfed better but failed his double forwards and the young of Vargas made in the first minute of the heat a good performance with excellent doubles and a push loop forward. The duel between both riders has become a classic in Pozo, where they have fight in the last four finals of the last two years. If there are no surprises, they will meet again tomorrow in the final of the competition. The third place was for Ricardo Campello and Marcilio Browne was fourth.

In women's section, the winner was again Daida, followed by her sister Iballa, keeping his total dominance in this event . Naira Alonso was third and Silvia Alba was fourth. Tomorrow we expect great conditions and the appointment is at 9:30. The following video is part of the performance of Philip Köster in today´s final.

Gollito out of competition


We were very interested in watching the four times freestyle champion doing his best in pozo waves, but an injury on his shoulder has put him out of competition. What a pity! We desire you a fast recovery!

New delay

Once appointment at 14:30. Meanwhile...this video from yesterday.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

First heats in female competition

The female competition has started this afternoon, althought it had to be stopped because of the lack of conditions. The forecast is much better for tomorrow: stronger wind and bigger waves. We haven't been very lucky until now, but do not worry: the riders are ready and the forecast for the weekend is amazing! The appointment tomorrow is at 9:30. Do not wake up late tomorrow!
(Picture: John Carter/PWA) 

Female schedule

Female schedule of the single elimination. If there are no surprises, the Morenos twins will fight on the final once again...

Women first!


The Moreno twins and other girls are ready! The time to start is at 15:00 if anything changes...At 14:30 the situation is wind for 4,2 and small waves. We expect bigger waves this afternoon with high tide. If this happens, the male competition will go on this afternoon, after the female competition. Cross your fingers! 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The competition will go on tomorrow from 13:00

Yes. Because of the light wind and small waves next heats will continue tomorrow if we have good conditions. The appointment is tomorrow at 13:00 (local hour). The forecast for tomorrow is better than today, so we are all expecting for the show tomorrow. We invite you to follow the competition of the best riders in the world from our blog!

If you can not wait until tomorrow, here you have a video about the first day of competition!

Waiting for better conditions...

It's 14:00 in the afternoon and the conditions are still weak: for 5 meters sail and only half a meter waves. Good for a relaxing windsurfing, but not at all for the most radical windsurfing competition  in the world. But the conditions may come back at anytime. We will keep you informed in the next hours or as soon as we have news. 

Second day of competition (PWA)


There were not big surprises yesterday. The favourite riders go on: Víctor, Phillip, Campello, Darío, Kauli, Browne, Bruch, Mussolini y Voget....the good conditions dropped about 5 p.m, so that the competition had to be stopped. We will keep you informed.

Monday, July 4, 2011

New 2011 web


We hope you like our new web. Cleaner... simple... and with a surprise... the webcam is now open to everybody and is streamed with high quality.


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