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Monday, June 8, 2009

Arguineguin meeting

ADES CANARIAS. Meeting to talk about Arguneguin's project ( ) tomorrow tuesday 9th, at 21:00 pm at the University Surf School, Castillejo st nº 42, Las Palmas, next to El Pilar square, tel: 00 34 928 26 65 55.


Anonymous said...

What was the outcome of this meeting? It would truly be a tragedy if the project goes ahead as per the original plan. I have posted the details of this threat on
The Salvar Arguineguin cause could do with some international backing, considering that Gran Canaria is such an international surf and windsurfing destination.
I really hope the plans for this project change in a way that the waves remain unaffected.
Regards, Matt

Cutre said...

Hi Matt!

Thanks for your interest, we havent anything else about this subject, becouse we are waiting for some confirmations, but looks like the local fishermen say that the area where the wave break is so important for the fish, so even local authorities don't care about surfers, they listen to the fishermen... wait and see, we will publish something as soon as we have news.



Anonymous said...

Hi Dani,

Many thanks for that info.

In what way do they argue the project would improve the fish habitat? From what I have understood, with my limited grasp of Spanish, the project involves creating an artificial beach with sand imported from elsewhere.

I can't help but suspect that this might be more about creating a habitat for tourists than for fish.

On my visit earlier this year, I noticed that an expansive metal fencing has been erected on the road leading into Arguineguin where it goes past this area. I couldn't really think of any other reason for why this had been done than that the area is considered somewhat of an eye sore that may put off tourists driving into Arguineguin.

Mahalo, Matt

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