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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Daniell Bohnhoff

Daniell is the sail maker in Pozo Izquierdo, he came from Berlin 5 years ago and is one of those guys who never misses a strong wind session in Pozo.Sponsors: Quatro International, MFC, Iriedaily, Sykum, Simmer Style (Cutre)
-How did all started?
-I started windsurfing at 11, my uncle was a windsurf teacher in the north of Germany, on the Baltic Sea. He invited to go to the Baltic Sea to try it, and the first time I tried I sailed for about twenty meters and I was like “aaaaahhhh, cooool !!!!” so after that holyday I was like, ok, I will be by the sea when I’m big, so when I finished school, I was looking for a job related with water sports something close to the sea where I could be sailing, So I was looking for a job as boat builder, sail maker, something like that, and the first I found was as a sail maker, I called the company and they said me “ok, you can start”.

-So, you started as a beginner knowing nothing?
-Nothing, I just knew something about windsurfing and sailing, and my boss told me “that’s ok, if you know something about sails and water spots that’s enough, you can start”, so I started to study sail making, it was three years, and was perfect, but in Germany you have some nice days for windsurfing in spring and fall, but that’s all, so you don’t improve… so that were my beginnings with windsurfing and sail making.-Was that the reason to come to the Canary Islands?
-No, a friend and me were looking somewhere to go sailing in wintertime, and I was here in 2000 with my family on holydays, and I knew Pozo from the magazines and I was really impressed, so two years later my friend and I decided to come on holydays, he found the website from Cutre and was calling me all the time “look the webcam, look the conditions, they are sailing all the time!” and we said, ok, lets go, but the flights were really expensive so we said, ok we cancel this, maybe next summer, and then, he called me one day in March 2004, he said “look at the website from Cutre, they are looking for a sail maker” and I said “no!! really!!” and then I wrote an e-mail to Jonas (Cutre) and write afterwards, like 10 or 15 minutes later he answered me “when can you start?” and I said, ok, come on, it’s now or never.
I was thinking about it that night, I called my parents to know what they thought about it, and they said “you are young, you are single what do you have to loose? Nothing” so I finished everything, I went to my boss, it was the beginning of the season in Germany, he totally freaked out and said “ok, what can I do, go and make your experience” so I packed everything and came here.

-And how is it now over here?
-Jonas said me at the beginning the work was for 18 months, but as you can see, I’m still here, and its five years (laughs).

-Is Pozo a good place for sail repair?
-jajajaj for sure.

-Is any reparation more usual than others?
-Mostly it’s really similar, but sometimes can be really difficult, when it’s broken from the leech to the mast sleeve it’s almost finished, but you can fix it, I would say, not any sail, but most of them are fixable.

And now to finish, a small windsurfing test:

Favourite spot in the Island: Pozo
Favourite spot in the world: I still haven’t gone to so many places (I will) but Klitmoller is also a nice place.
Favourite manoeuvre: Ponch and Back loop, high back loops.
Jumping or wave riding: uf… jumping
Favourite local windsurfer: Jonas Ceballos
Favourite windsurfer in the world: Jonas Ceballos
Twinzer or single: Single, in Pozo single.
Favourite sail size: 3,7

If you want to know more about Daniell, go to

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