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Friday, June 26, 2009

New format for the freestyle

Next week starts the PWA event in Lanzarote and there are some changes for the freestyle competition according to PWA rulebook:

Freestyle contests will be judged primarily using the “Best Move Format” but if required then the Race Committee may elect to run on the “Overall Impression” format

Best Move Format
The Head Judge, in consultation with the committee, shall decide upon a maximum number of manoeuvres that a competitor may attempt during a heat. This may be a maximum number of manoeuvres in total, or a maximum number on each tack. From this maximum number of manoeuvres, the Head Judge shall specify how many manoeuvres are to count towards the result of the heat.

For example, the Head Judge may specify a maximum of 8 manoeuvres on each tack of which the best 5 on each tack shall be taken into account when giving scores at the end of the heat.

The judges shall then observe the heat, noting down the manoeuvres each sailor performs.

Once a competitor has completed or attempted the maximum number of moves on each tack, the judges shall no longer score them for the remainder of that heat. A sailor may continue to perform in the interests of putting on a show for the public, provided that they do not inhibit any other competitor in the heat.

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