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Monday, March 25, 2013

FORWARD LOOP Clinic at Pozo Izquierdo


The forward is the move every wndsurfer wants to learn. The clew to finish it is to know how it works and to do the right thing step by step.

The most important things are the position of the rig and the right execution of the movement(s).

Our clinic guides through all the steps. We have tried out and developed our way to teach in the last 2 years, everyone learns it following our method.

We analize to understand and then we go step by step, it is not necesary to take risks. We know that this is the right way because of the results we got from our classes.

1st DAY:

    • Theoretical class: We analize videos, graphics and fotos to understand how the forward works.
    • Preparation: We get used to the spot and we do the last adjustments.
    • „Dry“ training: We train the movements to get them automated.
    • We do exercises in the water and try the first rotations. We will film the action and analize it. The training will be organized like heats.

2nd DAY:

    • We repeat the most important things of the theoretical class with and train the movements.
    • Training session on the water filming and analysing, we will se the first rotations in our training-
    • Training session on the water filming and analysing, we will se the new forwards. We will have a meeting to analize each forward and how to improve them in the future.

Just contact us and we give ou more details about the clinic.

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