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Sunday, May 9, 2010


Supremesurf Big Days from Supremesurf on Vimeo.

I understand nothing of what they say in the video or what's in their website, because I can't speak german at all, but here you have a video from a windsurfing competition at Sylt this weekend. Looks like Philip Köster crashed wit his teeth against his boom during the final, but looks like was no big issue.


alex said...

hi, the comp took place at an island called rügen. is's in the baltic near poland. the spot is called 'neu mukran'. the place works with NE to E winds. it was a stand by contest. which would start only with the proper conditions at the german baltic area. the waiting period had to be exctended since fall 2009 in order to get reasonable conditions.


Anonymous said...

The contest took place on an island called Rügen. The spot is called Neu Mukran. There are other places than Sylt for competitions in Germany. :-)
It was freezing cold.

Cutre said...

Thanks for the details Alex and Anonymous.



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