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Friday, May 21, 2010

Albeau & Jaggy winners at Korea


Antoine Albeau starts the season just how he finished last year; untouchable in front of the fleet, Bjorn started really good, and after the first three slaloms he was looking really strong just behind Antoine, but he fell in the semifinal of the fourth slalom and giving Antoine and advantage he never lost. In third position we have an in form Jimmy Diaz, he already talked about the chance of being in the podium in a recent interview at Kevin Pritchard’s blog. 

On the women division Alice Artukin started really strong looking like she was not giving any chances to the other girls to win the event, but in the last two days of competition was a different story, an over early and a crash left her in third position, in favour of Karin Jaggy who won the event and Sarah-Quita with a second place.

For more information: PWAWORLDTOUR.


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