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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Arguineguin's death

Bad news for the environment and the surf comunity, we just recieved this plan from the "proyecto de regeneración de la playa del Perchel"(Perchel beach regeneration project) in other words, an agressive intervention on the coastline which will destroy one of the best waves of the Canary Islands, a long right hand point-break in the south of Gran Canaria, and this time is not a hotel, a harbour or a shoping center, is the "Ministerio del Medio Ambiente" the responsible of this destruction.
Javi Medina will not surf again one of those long waves from the town till the factory.
Iballa will never do another bottom turn like this in one of those wonderful winter mornings in the south.
Miguel won't have another vission like this from his Mandala.
And this kid, who wanted to start surfing, won't do it in his own town.


Matt said...

Im planning to surf here. Have they destroyed the wave?

Cutre said...

Not yet, looks like the project is stopped at the moment...

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