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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Back to the future


At first sight it may seem these photos are 25 years old, but were taken on Monday next to Pozo Izquierdo; Pablo Ruiz and Josep Pons, just wanted to have some fun and take a few pictures with the old sails, but the experience was more than that.
Pons was using the older sail, a Sailboards 4,8 with no battens and the boom was so long that the longer boom he could find in Pozo Izquierdo was still a little bit too short, the sailing with a shortboard was nearly impossible, don’t event think on going upwind or go in the fooststraps, and when he fell, well, the waterstart, something you don’t even think could be an issue, was not easy at all.
On the other hand, Pablo’s sail was more “modern”, a Depoorter 4,5 with a full batten at the top, I think this was called at the time a “fat head”. He was sailing in his footstraps, but the sail was so unstable and hard to control that he was having plenty of spin outs on a board that never had that problem.
Sailing upwind was impossible and let one hand go during the sailing was unthinkable, full power with both arms all the time.
Among other things, we realized that spin out does not only depend on the board and the fin, the problem could be an inappropriate sail for the board/fin we are using, or a sail that becomes so powerful on your backhand when it’s a strong gust or you are overpowered.

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Anonymous said...

That is why mast tracks were so far forward on the old boards. With a modern board your sail is totally out of balance.

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