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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Is SUP the new Windsurfer?


This afternoon, watching Lino having a lot of fun in no planning conditions using the SUP with a 4,5m wave sail, it reminded me the time when we used to sail on the Windsurfers (or similar) no matter what wind or wave conditions we had, every single day of the summer, were plenty of sails on the water.

A few years later, we all became too radical, and nearly none of us was sailing under force 5, and even if we wanted it was not possible with our little wave boards, so windsurfing disappeared from most of the beaches during the summer, so disappeared to the big public.

I don’t think any of us is thinking on buying a board to use with force 1 to 3, but if you can use that board to just paddle when is no wind (a really good exercise) or to catch waves when is some swell, maybe then things can change. Will SUP be the comeback of windsurfing in light wind? Will be the comeback to the beaches during the summer?

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