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Friday, October 30, 2009

Quatro 2010

Daniell Bohnhof rider of the Quatro internationat team, already have at his home in Pozo Izquierdo the new boards for 2010, and looks like they arrived just in time, because the forecast for the weekend looks good, so maybe we can do some action shots this weekend.


Anonymous said...


is the 64 a custom board, or something new?

what is the fin set up

Cutre said...

Hi Anonymous!

I'll try to met Daniell tomorrow on the beach to take some photos riding the new boards and I'll ask him, but I think they are production boards.

Daniell said...

Hi Anonymous!

The 64 is a production board and the new 2010 high wind board of Quatro. This board is a single fin and comes with a MFC 2K 20.5 fin.
I could try this board today for the first time with 3.4 and later with 3.7. It's works fine, fast and early planing and easy to control in strong wind and in jumping.

Anonymous said...

thanks daniell


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