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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Save Tarifa

Foto: alova3

One of the last unspoiled corners of the Spanish coast is in danger. Valdevaqueros paradise, a beautiful beach perfect for lovers of windsurfing, kitesurfing and nature, will fall victim to the brick.

The municipal government has just approved development plan which includes the construction of 1,423 hotel rooms and 350 houses in this area of ​​high ecological value  listed as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO and which sits side to side with the Natural Parks of the Strait and Los Alcornocales . It seems that our leaders have not yet learned the lesson of our economic development growth model based on the brick: a myopic and short-term option only means bread today and hunger tomorrow. Mayor Price and the environmentalists accused of "harming the economic possibilities of the people", as if to fill one of the most beautiful spots of cement was something beneficial for tourism. Visitors come to Tarifa to admire spectacular scenery as Valdevaqueros, not in search of beaches full of buildings.

With your help we can protect one of the unspoilt landscapes of the Spanish geography. Give your support by signing the petition:

Foto: Carol Desmond

Foto: Nacho Romero

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