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Monday, December 28, 2009



The fin (like the mast) is one of those elements to which many do not give it the attention it deserves, perhaps because you barely see it, but the fact is that decisively affects the performance of the board, and suits better or worse to our riding style.

I remember the first time I changed the fin to my board, was my first "small" board, a second hand Bic Hard Rock with a wave-slalom plastic fin, which I changed into a more rigid pure wave fin, the difference was huge.

Since then I've always been curious about this essential part of the equipment, and when I change the sail, if I can’t change the board, at least I change the fin, because it’s surface affects nearly as much as the surface of the sail, so without reaching the extreme of some World Cup sailors, who have a different size of fin for every sail, it’s important to at least have two or three fins of different sizes to choose depending on the conditions.

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