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Monday, December 7, 2009

Couldn't be

It couldn’t be; Mike Stewart, the greatest legend of bodyboarding, called by Surfer Magazine as one of the 50 greatest surfers of all time, was in the run for his 10th world title, it was the last day at the last event of the season at El Confital, in Gran Canaria, he was at the last heat of the quarter finals, all his rivals had been eliminated, he just had to win and started really good, as soon as the heat started he picked up a set wave and absolutely killed it, he had something like an 8,5 in a day with poor waves and low scores, so it was a good advantage, then he went back to the peak and waited with priority while his rival was taking off on small waves, having medium range scores.
The minutes were going by and no more set waves were coming, it was 5 minutes to the end of the heat an he just needed a low 3, no waves on the horizon; finally, at two minutes to the end of the heat, he takes a small wave and does anything possible on that little mushy thing, and he has the score, but rushes to the line-up anyway, he hasn’t priority now, and with less than a minute to the end, the wave finally arrives, Hugo Pinheiro rides it all the way to the shore and there’s no more waves behind, Mike is out, Jeff Hubbard is the 2009 world champion.
A few minutes later, Mike shows his frustration on the shore, nobody is watching, some are at the competitors area watching Jeff’s celebration, others just have gone, I think most of the people on the beach wanted him to have the title.

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