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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sylt, bets?

These are the rankings in the waves discipline before Sylt:

Cabo VerdeGran CanariaSyltTotal

1-Josh Angulo

2-Kauli Seadi20671787-3854
3-Thomas Traversa19021787-3689
4-Ricardo Campello16222034-3656
5-Robby Swift18201787-3607
6-Victor Fernandez15232067-3590
7-Ross Williams19351655-3590
8-Kevin Pritchard20341457-3491
9-Marcilio Browne20011457-3458
10-Klaas Voget15231886-3409
11-Jonas Ceballos13912001-3392
12-Dario Ojeda13911968-3359
13-Daniel Bruch12591886-3145
14-Alex Mussolini11271935-3062
15-Phil Horrocks12591655-2914

As you can see, despite a poor performance in Pozo, Josh Angulo is leading the rankings before the last event at Sylt. That means it’s up to him becoming world champion this year for the second time in his career, or if it’s no wind and waves during the event he would be world champion.

The truth is that the forecast looks good for Sylt, so with a bit of luck we will see a great battle for the championship, because it’s still wide open, the guys who did good in Cabo Verde did bad in Gran Canaria and vice versa, so we expect some amazing wave action in the last event of the season.

Philip Köster despite wining in Pozo Izquierdo is out of the title race because he didn’t compete in Cabo Verde (he was injured) but is one of the favourites to win the event at Sylt and can be one of the defining factors in the run for the title, because he is not one of the top seeds, so he can be a hard match un in the early rounds.

Bet, we will send a Cutre polo shirt, from the limited edition “only for windsurfers” to the one having more sailors in the top 6 in the wave discipline in Sylt, so just pick the 6 riders (in order) you think will be at the top and send us a coment here (with your e-mail) or send us an e-mail to, just one try per person.

Open till the start of the first wave heat sometime between September 25th and October 4th:


Anonymous said...

Ok, Mi apuesta:

1- Victor fernandez
2- Kauli Seadi
3- Philip koster
4- Jonas ceballos
5- Dani Bruch
6- Josh Angulo

Maciek said...

1. Kauli Seadi
2. Victor Fernandez
3. Josh Angulo
4. Thomas Traversa
5. Philip Koester
6. Ricardo Campello

Cutre said...

Para tener esto actualizado, adjunto algunas de las apuestas recibidas por mail:

Clyde Giesenschlag:



1. Victor Fernandez Lopez
2. Philip Köster
3. Klaas Voget
4. Jonas Ceballos
5. Kauli Seadi
6. Josh Angulo


1. Victor Fernandez
2. Klaas Voget
3. Browzinho
4. Kauli Seadi
5-6.Campello - Angulo

Cutre said...

some more bets recieved by e-mail:

Gonzalo Morales

Victor Fdez.
Josh Angulo
Jonás ceballos
Kevin Pritchard
Fhilip köster

Claus, Club Mistral

1. Victor Fernandez
2. Phillip Köster
3. Kauli Seadi
4. Alex Mussolini
5. Klaas Voget
6. Thomas Traversa

Anonymous said...

1. Victor Fernandez
2. Philip Köster
3. Kauli Seadi
4. Klaas Voget
5. Thomas Traversa
6. Robby Swift

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