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Monday, September 7, 2009

Reunion Wave Classic

Nice conditions on the second day of the Reunion Wave Classic (team competition as the one they did in Fuerteventura) and the provisional results are:

1st - PICHOT (2)/FERNANDEZ(4)/TABOULET(4)/SIFFERLEN(3). Total = 13 pts
2nd - McKERCHER(1)/ZABALA(1,5)/MUSSOLINI(3)/ BRUCH(4). Total = 9,5 pts
3rd - VOGET(3)/GODET(3)(2)/CASTE(1)/JUBAN(-). Total = 9 pts
4th- TRAVERSA(4)/GOFFINET(1,5)/CLANCY(2)/VAN WOERKENS(1).Total = 8,5 pts

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