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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Backside 360

Jonas Ceballos himself, explains us the 3 key points to this manoeuvre:

1-You start as a regular backside but you push stronger and move your body towards the sail (forward), that's how you can move your board upwind, with this, half the move is done, and the board is ready for the floater (photo 2).

2-Choose the right moment to do it is crucial, you have to do it exactly when the wave is starting to break, that's the key moment for the lip to push you into the wave again (photo 3).

3-Once you have accomplished the first two steps, everything comes together, and you just have to let you go and leave your weight centred on the board, don't move your body, just keep the balance and the wave will do the rest.

Good luck.



If you want to watch the move on video, you can see Jonas on a perfect execution at ContinentSeven.

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