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Friday, September 17, 2010

Pandora’s box has been opened


Was awesome to finally be able to watch live on internet and in great quality a full PWA competition, a highlight in windsurfing history and maybe the great opportunity this amazing sport was needing. And this first time came with one of those memorable moments in the history of the sport, Victor Fernandez’s comeback from the first round of the double elimination to the superfinal of the event.

I think we are at a critical moment for windsurfing, the long awaited arrival of the live webcast, in my opinion is just what windsurfing was needing to become what it deserves to be, and for the world to see the virtues and the greatness of this sport; but with the live webcast also have been exposed the flaws and defects of the World Tour.


In my opinion, if we want professional windsurfing to succeed, it’s essential con continue with the live webcast for all the events of the tour, I have no numbers, but I don’t think I’m wrong if I say that the audience and the impact of the live webcast at the KIA Cold Hawaii World Cup at Klitmöller, was much higher than expected and I’m quite sure the sponsor is more than happy and satisfied with the investment.

What we can’t allow if we want to have a truly professional circuit with professional windsurfers, being sponsored by big brands, is to keep giving this lame image with absolutely lack of seriousness with the heat scores. Professional judges and live scores must be a priority, it’s not possible to have the results of the heat fifteen minutes after the end of the heat (sometimes even more) and in a peace of paper with erasures and scribbles, and sometimes with huge score differences from one judge to the other for the same jump or ride.

What we had at Klitmöller was an armed robbery (is not the first time this happens, but it’s the first time is been broadcasted live) and not because I say so, and I’m not talking just about the double elimination final, I’ve only seen the live webcast on the screen of my computer so I was not there seeing both competitors all the time, so I can’t have a proper opinion by myself about it, but in blogs, forums and facebook pages from competitors and spectators who were there, they say anything about the judges but beautiful, even just to see the faces of the finalists on the podium before the announcement of the winner, Kauli was head down and crossed hands, defeated, and Victor was exhausted but happy, till the speaker announced the winner, then Kauli’s face turned into absolutely surprise and disbelief.

And maybe I’m wrong, and Kauli really won that second final, but the doubt shouldn’t be there, where are the scores? in all the sports with judging criteria, the spectators can see the scores live, and we (windsurfing fans and spectators) never get to see the scores.

I didn’t want to be the one to say this in public, but if someone doesn’t take action on this, these people will kill professional windsurfing.



Competitors already had a meeting in Pozo Izquierdo this summer after the contest, to talk among others about this same subject, but apparently nothing changed for the good.

Anyway, from here I would like to congratulate all competitors for their hard and good work at the tough conditions of Klitmöller, the local organization and the broadcast team.

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Bart said...

The live webcast definitly added a new dimension to the competition, I checked it a few times a day and so it felt almost as I was there to enjoy the competition. The point you make about the judges is a hard thing in windsurfing, there is no finish line and so scores are the objective view of people that may be biased by factors as sponsor goals and favorites... Looking forward to Sylt and CV though!

P.S keep up the good work with your blog, it's been among my bookmarks for over a year now :-)

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