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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Loft Sails, new sail partner

logo-loftCutre Windsurf Center has closed a strategic agreement making Loft Sails its main Sailmaking partner. This agreement also converts Cutre in the exclusive distributor for Loft Sails in the Canary Islands.


Since 2000 Loft Sails is a highly specialized sailmaker which thanks to the passion and experience of Monty Spindler, the designer, has always developed very high quality sails both in performance and construction, as many of you have been able to confirm during the last days.

Very soon Monty Spindler, mentor of many of the current sail designers, will visit Pozo Izquierdo to present the 2012 line of sails and to explain the theory behind the designs and will teach us how to optimize rigging and how to get the most out of these sails. We will remind you with time so that those of you interested can assist.

We already have some sails in the shop so that you can checkout and test the construction and performance. We have tested some of these models and we have to point out their stability, maneuverability, and the top speed they allow…

Here are some of the designs that are around the corner… bye to the wrinkles??


PureLip 2012 (Hardcore Wave)


SwitchBlade 2012 (Easy speed racing)


Oxigen 2012 (Freeride)

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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to our collaboration and my visit! :)
Muchos saludos,

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