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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fausto “steals” the first F2 Barracuda Quad

Even though the four boards we received as a world premiere where intended for testing, we could not avoid that one of our Italian friends –who fell in love with the Barracuda Quad- took it back with him to Italy. Fausto Pippini is the first customer to buy the new F2 Barracuda Quad worldwide.

In his own words “I love this board because it is very fast to be a Quad, it is very stable and good to go through the choppy, and to surf. In addition it is very agile.” This is because the Barracuda is an exceptional board that surprises for its agility and lightweight. It incorporates the new slot box fin system, making it very light, and therefore very maneuverable and surfer. Additionally the volume is very well distributed making it easy to early plane.

When Fausto was taking the board, Marc our shop manager, was resisting… but could do nothing to convince him to wait so that we could get him a brand new one from Germany. We already have several customers who have tested the Barracuda and who have become stoked, bringing in their old Quads to put on sale and ordered the new F2 Barracuda Quad.

Congratulations F2!! And congratulations Fausto!!!

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