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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wave riding with Daida

Daida herself, explains us in four steps the keys of front side wave riding in onshore conditions.

Photo 1: We face the wave with speed. In Pozo, as the wind is onshore, we should try to pick up speed back side, before starting the front side bottom turn. We look at the point of the wave to where we want to go. We open the sail to keep all the wind power and speed. We put the weight in the back foot to turn the board in the bottom turn.

Photo 2: We anticipate the movement with the head (gently) looking where we want to go, in this case we look ahead the mast, over the white water. The right arm shrinks, getting closer to the body, and the left hand moves forward getting closer to the right one, we start to rotate the hips and moving the body weight to the front leg. We come up with speed.

Photo 3: All the body weight goes to the front leg, this way, we allow the fin to flow easily over the foam. We help the turn with the legs (weight forward) and the sail (we open the sail again, always looking for the wind).

Photo 4: We go down the face of the wave opening the left hand (the back one), recovering more or less the starting position on the boom, this way we have more power again and recover our position on the board easily and keep on surfing the wave. The arm movement on the boom is important when you are surfing, we open in the bottom, close at the top, and reopen at the end of the turn.

Remember: At the top of the wave (figure 2 and 3), body weight forward to help with the legs to turn more easily, this way the tail gets looser and then we can push again with the back foot to put power in the turn and make a big spray.

PS: Do not forget to innovate and keep trying new moves...

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