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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Streamlined: carbon extension prototype

A few days ago we received a carbon extension prototype from Streamlined USA. After we got green light from them we publish a few photos… we cannot transmit with them the extreme lightness of the piece. Stop by the shop and check out by yourself.

Cutre Windsurf Center is in conjunction with HT Maui testing center for Streamlined USA equipment. We are the only ones to receive these prototypes for their final testing prior to market launch of the 2012 line of products. As soon as we have conditions we will test this extension to the limit.

  • Secret: The 2012 final model has a surprise which does not appear in the photo, as the manufacturer wants to keep it confidential until de last minute to avoid other brands from copying.






taavik said...

Hi, looking nice, but aren't you at least a bit concerned with the safety and usability of this design?

* Is it 100% safe to say that the release knob cannot be accidentally pressed through the mast foot protection while on water... resulting in board-sail separation?

* The usability of the extension (during rigging/de-rigging) would improve tremendously, when the orientation of the cleat would be rotated 90 degrees compared to what is shown on the pictures.

I am just asking. It's worrying to see companies like unifiber and streamlined to choose this design.


Cutre said...

1) I guess you have not seen the original Streamlined extensions, as they incorporate a safety clip to prevent this from happening, which is not included in the North or Unifiber extensions who copied.

2) The Streamlined cleat does not have a pin-guide on the cleat wich allows you to freely tension the line in any angle, and once you are done tensioning you just fix the line over the cleat. The North extension does have this pin which forces you the tension in the angle/direction marked by the cleat... which is not always the direction you want.(Maybe the 2012 surprise improves along these lines).

I updated the post with a zoom view of the area.

Anonymous said...

will it also come in a US double pin version

Cutre said...

..good question... I really don't know... but will try to get an answer to the question.

taavik said...

Great! Thank you. The last picture explains a lot. Yes, I had only seen the unifiber ones which do not have a safety clip.

Cutre said...

Just confirmed that they are also working on a RDM US cup carbon extension... we should be getting a prototype shortly...

Anonymous said...

Hmm... I have seen Unifiber extensions with a safety clip.

2012 models that is.

Freaking painfull to hit your knee on that little extending nut with these type of extensions.

Also been stuck with my foot between that nut and baseplate. not a pleasant experience!

Dani said...

Maybe you need a mast base protection... We use LoftSails which come with mast base protection... we have plenty of units being used daily with our rental boards and this has never hapened... If the base of your mast is protected I can't understand how this can hapen to you. Most of the sails today have integrated mastbase protection.

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