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Thursday, August 18, 2011

F2: CUTRE’s new main partner


CUTRE has signed a strategic agreement with F2 International, making the famous windsurf equipment Brand its main partner. From today, CUTRE will be the exclusive F2 distributor for the Canary Islands.

F2 has been since the early 80’s one of the most renown windsurfing brands, developing and manufacturing boards, sails, masts, booms, and all sort of accessories and wear. CUTRE will begin to renovate all its rental and school boards to F2 in order to offer its customers the latest in quality equipment.

The agreement goes beyond a simple distribution agreement, as CUTRE through Juan Enrique Ureña – 25 years in the industry and 10 years’ experience competing PWA - becomes a technical advisor for the development and evolution of wave boards. This is a task that Juan Enrique has done informally for 16 years for all the brands CUTRE has worked with. This agreement formalizes this role since F2 has the objective to evolve wave boards with Juan Enrique, taking advantage of Pozo’s conditions, and plans on launching a special edition board.

barracuda F2 has demonstrated great interest in the agreement, so CUTRE will be receiving in a few days the first units of the F2 Barracuda Quad Wave boards right out of the factory. These boards will premiere at Pozo Izquierdo and will be at your disposal for testing and enjoyment.

The F2 Barracuda Quad Wave boards come in 72, 77, 84 and 92 litres and promise to offer lots of fun and color in the waves at Pozo.

In a few days we will give you more details about F2’s wide range of boards and accessories, but we would like to also highlight the SX SILBERPFIEL LTD (Silver Arrow) as the speed slalom board for those of us who also take advantage of the day with less wind and less waves to accelerate in the water. This model will come in 91, 111, 135, and 150 litres.


That said… more surprises shortly.

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