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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The worst photo I’ve ever done

At first glance, the picture doesn’t look so bad, the problem is not the picture we see, but the one we don’t, that summer day a few years ago, it was a hurricane in Pozo Izquierdo; I remember that there was a guy with an anemometer and said that the gusts were over 65 knots, the mere fact of walking was not easy. I was on the beach, trying to hide from the wind behind some stones, when I see Björn Dunkerbeck going downwind towards a good ramp, I had him on focus and well framed when he launched for a huge jump, I started thinking "Dani, here's the sequence of your life” but while Björn was flying to the stratosphere, I realized that instead of hearing the click click of the camera shots, what I hear is the rewinding of the film (because in those days we were still using film cameras), I couldn’t believe I had shot the last picture of the roll at the very beginning of the largest jump I’ve ever seen.
It was by far and without doubt more than double the height of what you see in the picture (maybe triple), watch his position, you can clearly see he is still going up, I remember watching him from the viewer of my camera, having him still in perfect focus and frame, going higher and higher and higher, and knowing I was missing one of those chances of a lifetime.

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Anonymous said...

hey, I was there that day, summer 2002 right?
it was unbelievable hardcore and indeed that jump was way higher than the picture shows!
Dunckerbeck rules!
hasta leugo, wb

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