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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Stretching and relaxation exercises

For some of us (especially veterans like me) it’s hard to wake up after a day sailing with strong wind, we feel so stiff an tired, because through ignorance or laziness we do not stretch after sailing and it's something that really (if you do it propperly, with no rebounds and without forcing, and we must be careful because a bad stretching exercice can cause injury) helps us to feel better not to have that feeling the next day that you can not get up from bed, not to mention the physical benefits and the prevention of injuries which brings us to have more flexibility in our muscles.
The Salutation of the Moon is a great exercise to do before going to sleep, it's a good stretching routine in addition to being a good exercise that helps us to relax before going to rest.
This is one of the variants of the Moon Salutation that I draw with the help of Jutta (our specialist in sports massage and yoga in Pozo Izquierdo), there are more versions of this routine, this is just one of them it is important that each one finds his rhythm at the time of making it (note that the positions in which stretches are catching air, and you expel the air in the next position, when contracting) and not forcing the postures to the extreme of pain. Normally we start repeating 3 times the cycle which is shown on the pictures below, and you can gradually increase the number of repetitions as you start feeling comfortable with it.
Is a proper exercise of muscle relaxation for the night (especially after a day of windsurfing or surfing, but also as a daily routine), and then go to rest, in a next post we will publish the Sun Salutation, a most invigorating exercise appropriate for the morning or warming before sports.

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