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Saturday, February 23, 2013

New & improved Cutre harness lines

We´ve been years developing longer harness lines, from 22 to 36 to obtain more confort and performance while sailing with strong wind.

This year we´ve improved our harnes even more:
  • New interior line: More resistant and light
  • You also have the posibility to combine colours and lengths. A longer harness line to jump and a smaller to surf the waves (one of each color). This helps you with the control of your rig.

Price: 10 €

Posibility to do any combination
Quality of the rope improved.
Don´t copy, thanks!

Cutre windsurfing center in Pozo Izquierdo since 1996.
Improve your windsurfing with us, we´ll advise you about the best equipment according to your windsurfing level.
In our school, our instructors will help you to progress technically and to rig your equipment appropriately.

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