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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Conditions continue at Pozo

This morning when I woke up it was raining in Pozo! I don´t remember the last time that it rained here... Windguru is nailing the predictions; not very usuall in Pozo. It soon stopped raining. 
 Early in the morning I saw some people sailing with 4,2, not too much waves but you could notice that a little swell was hitting Pozo.  As usual the was not many people in the water. After my Spanish breakfast in El Viento, I rigged my 4,2 Loft PureLip  and went to the water. Tomorrow we are expecting even better conditions than today.

Some Pros from Cutre Team and Loft Sails Team started sailing. 

Omar was sailing with 4,2 Loft PureLip (Wave 360)

Nestor was sailing with 4,5  Loft PureLip (Shaka)

Sole was sailing overpowered with 4,0  Loft PureLip in the afternoon. 

Pablo 4,2  Loft PureLip in the morning (bump&jump)

My new sails and boards 2014 are arriving in this boat!

Very important, tomorrow low tide at 16:28h.

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