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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Streamlined 2012 Carbon Booms and extensions: light, simple and tough.

We just recevied here at Pozo Izquierdo the all new 2012 Streamlined Carbon booms and extensions. We can only say we are totally stoked.

The booms are super light. A baby could adjust the length of them… as they are extremely easy to slide in and out. Adjustable at 1cm intervals for precision. They come with their renown aluminum boomhead, and the most simple and light outhaul rigging system: four holes.

With regards to the feather-weight extensions, a carbon tube with a simple and effective rigging system.

Probably the best boom and extension in the market? We think so. Come check them out in our shop.


DJB_5795    DJB_5794


DJB_5812    DJB_5814

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