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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

This is it


In this picture taken Monday afternoon, a few hours to the start of the 2010 Gran Canaria PWA Grand Prix at Pozo Izquierdo, you can appreciate how the event organizer (Pozo Compass) took what we know as “event site” to a completely new level.

In case somebody wants to watch closer to appreciate the excellence of the work done on the beach, here you have another picture where you can enjoy better all those small details and greatness of a work done with love, effort and sacrifice which really shows how this people care about the image of windsurfing, the Canary Islands and all the competitors on the tour.


After this, a new standard has been established and will be hard for the organizers at some of other locations, like Podersdorf in Austria or Sylt in Germany to improve what they have been doing to reach this new level.





At the moment, it seems that even the wind has been embarrassed and after a month blowing non stop, has refused to attend the appointment of the trials that should have been disputed this Monday.

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